Why Socially Acceptable

We are the written, spoken and moving word people.

Socially Acceptable is a communications company that helps clients to effectively engage customers and stakeholders through the written, spoken and moving word.

Let’s help you make the connection for better business and long-lasting relationships.

Our Vision

Genuine human connection is our business’s beating heart. As long as it is Socially Acceptable to recognize another human being, Socially Acceptable will continue connecting humans with the messages that resonate with their core values and larger vision of life.

Our Mission

Socially Acceptable has made a lifelong commitment to effective communication in the connection of human beings. Through understanding a human being from all facets that make up their DNA – social, cultural, religious, economic, political – we are able to take the message from one point and effectively translate it to the human beings at which it is directed.

This message can be effectively translated across the channels of social media; SMS communication, USSD messaging; broadcast platforms i.e. television and radio, newspapers; websites; email newsletters; company profiles, and other communication channels that a company would like to explore.

Our Business Values

Our business ethos is comprised of the following pillars

Awesome company to deal with and work along side. Would recommend them to anyone in JHB looking for a social media company.

I have used the services of Socially Acceptable on three occasions and have been very impressed by the standard of work and the professionalism of team lead Nazareen. She is a pillar of strength under pressure and the team is able to deliver quality work even when deadlines are tight and the work is demanding. They're fun to work with, and make visiting Durban a pleasure!

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