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Media, marketing and Communications strategy

A media, marketing and communications strategy comprises an understanding of your company’s business goals, past and current marketing methods, audience breakdown and platforms to market.

Connecting both the online and offline spaces, Socially Acceptable connects the dots between pain points that your business currently suffers with viable solutions. These solutions address and positively develop the marketing and communications side of the business. We work across the company to collate research and insight from all departments in the company. A company’s core focus and commitment is driven by the team. This strategy is a combined effort of our insights and recommendations and the client’s team who drive the business.
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Content Production

Content production is the creation of written and visual material to market your service, product or educate potential customers about the nature of your industry. Our expertise ranges from blog posts; company profiles; newsletters; newspaper articles and social media posts, to storyboarding videos; adverts; and conference/seminar/workshop presentations.
Need a soundbite or audio clip to accompany your Youtube video that has a slideshow of images? We’ve got capacity to do that too.
The old adage that content is king is your passport to the destination called success. Done correctly and embodying your company ethos with a value for learning, your business will have resounding success in developing the correct type of content.
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Media Liaison / Public Relations Programmes

Public Relations is the relationship that a brand/company builds between itself and its audience. This does not always entail a paid action to get coverage on the brand/company. It is generally done through means which help position the company favorably.
Media Liaison / PR programmes help bring your business into media/social spaces that showcase the thought leadership and community-building capacity of the business.
By providing relevant and timely updates on the company’s changes and views on current affairs topics pertaining to the industry your company is a member of, you are able to constantly maintain positive brand sentiment in the market.
We cannot forget that the element of authenticity needs to be woven in every piece of communication sent out by the company. Authenticity and effective brand management make for ardent brand advocates.
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Online Reputation Monitoring

Think about your company. What makes it what it is?We can tell you. Some of the components are:
- Industry
- Service / product offering
- Company culture
- Thought-leaders in the company
- Public perception
While you can control your company image by managing your own website; social media channels; email newsletters; advertorials; guest articles in national or community newspapers and paid for forums on radio; including guest television appearances, you can’t control the conversation online about the components that directly affect your business.
But, you can influence it and have a say in that conversation. How do you do this and why? Interested in increasing share of voice online and building valuable brand equity that can’t be bought? Then monitor conversations online that are aligned with components that make your company (as listed above). By listening in, you can:
a) Redirect enthusiasts; complainants; and commentators to your owned platforms
b) Showcase the intellectual property of your company execs to position the business as the voice of authority
c) Continually provide positive and authentic responses to online conversations and trends to keep your brand top of mind
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Teaching Workshops

Your employees, teams and execs are always in need of the latest information and new ways of thinking about taking the business to the next level.
Customised and targeted media, marketing and communications training programmes are a specialty from the Socially Acceptable team. We teach across the fields of social media marketing, writing for the web, writing for business, presentations101, and digital marketing techniques.
We believe in bringing out the best of all participants in any training session by facilitating current knowledge in the room. This is then aligned with alternative ways of viewing what participants already know, coupled with curated examples and latest developments and news.
Teaching and learning is part of the Socially Acceptable DNA. Our winning moments are when participants walk out, having reported excellent level of knowledge from the facilitator, objectives of the session are met and they have outcomes which they can take back to their spaces of work and implement immediately.
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