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We are the Written, Spoken and Moving Word People

Communications Strategy

We connect the dots between communication pain points that your business currently suffers with viable solutions.

Content Production

The old adage that content is king is your passport to the destination called success.

Media Liaison / PR

Media Liaison / PR programmes help bring your business into media/social spaces that showcase.

Web Development

This coupled with active social media channels and a well-crafted company newsletter, can generate great returns for your company.

Why Socially Acceptable?

We took the word and turned it on its head. Socially Acceptable is that thing you know, do or say just to be accepted in society.

Not here. Here, Socially Acceptable epitomizes the cool factor of being a good human

Living kindly, aspiring to greatness, and connecting with other humans. Because businesses are living humans, Socially Acceptable takes being socially awkward out of the communication connection.

Let’s help you make the connection for better business and long-lasting relationships.

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What Sets our Business Apart...

Genuine human connection is our business’s beating heart.

We have made a lifelong commitment to effective communication in the connection of human beings. Through understanding a human being from all facets that make up their DNA – social, cultural, religious, economic, political – we are able to take the message from one point and effectively translate it to the human beings at which it is directed.





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